The pandemic has been so hard on new parents and the people who love them. For a lot of people, part of the joy of welcoming a new baby is sharing the joy with extended family and friends (and showing off your adorable newborn!) but COVID-19 meant traditional baby showers are off-limits for now.

Enter the "Baby Cabin"—a glass-sided truck invented by an entrepreneur in Mexico. Parents can rent the baby cabin, which is delivered to the site of their baby shower and then family and friends can drive by or walk up to the cabin to get a closer look at the little one while maintaining physical distance.

The baby cabin allows parents to show off their babies in a safe, deep-cleaned glass box for relatives and friends.

The cabin is Brought and parked at the venue where people are able to drive past." the owner, Ernesto Gonzalez told Reuters. "After that the closest relatives are able to get down from their vehicles, such as the godparents, grandparents, and while social distancing they are able to get close to the window."

The cabin rents for $40 an hour. No word yet on whether this business model will expand internationally, but it sure is a great idea.