The most important parenting task you can complete today—and it only takes 5 minutes

We've found the easiest and most affordable way to help protect your family.

The most important parenting task you can complete today—and it only takes 5 minutes

When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we also had the lovely experience of trying to sell a car. One potential buyer, a lawyer who was looking to buy a vehicle for his daughter, tried to bargain with us: Would we give him the car in exchange for his legal services in writing a will?

After all, he reasoned while gesturing to my belly, you will need one soon.

He was right about that—but completely wrong that we needed to sign away a car in order to get a legally enforceable will.

As a Motherly editor, I was thrilled to discover recently that through Fabric's online last will and testament tool, my husband and I are now able to create that will in just about five minutes and for the grand total of $0. (Meanwhile, we sold that car to a paying buyer.)

Fabric is a new kind of life insurance company, and because they designed the service with families in mind, they've taken steps to help remove the hang-ups that can cause people to postpone drawing up a will—including the expense of consulting with a lawyer, although it is recommended you do consult with one if you have specific questions or a complicated estate. Now, creating a legally enforceable will is as easy as plugging in personal information and (in most states) getting two witnesses who aren't named in the will to sign off on it.

Presto—you've instantly helped to protect your family.

Even better, Fabric recently rolled out a feature called Trusted Contacts, which allows you to share your will directly with your partner. Whenever I update something in my own will, my husband will be notified and always know where to find my most up-to-date wishes.


Here are four reasons why it's incredibly simple—and incredibly important—to draw up a will in a mere five minutes.

1. You can check it off your to-do list while brewing coffee

It's so easy to get absorbed in the small details that are necessary to keep the household functioning. While "get milk from the store" may seem like a more urgent need than creating a will, helping to ensure your family will be supported without you is probably one of the easiest and cheapest items to check off your list.

Thanks to Fabric, technology for creating a last will and testament is meeting parents where they already are: on their smartphones or computers. In fact, almost two thirds of all customers made a will on their phones. Better yet, it's fast. According to the company's data, the median time for a Fabric customer to write a will was only seven minutes, and more than three in four people knocked this off their to-do lists in less than five minutes. A few minutes in exchange for a lifetime's worth of peace of mind sounds like a good deal to me.

2. You don't need a personal attorney (or those fees)

Getting a trustworthy, legally enforceable will doesn't have to cost, say, the price of a car. The savvy folks at Fabric realized there was a better way: By consulting with lawyers to help draft a will template that is legal for use in all 50 states, that is 100% free.

Of course, if your situation is more complex or if you have specific questions along the way, it's always a good idea to speak with a qualified legal professional as you get your affairs in order.

3. Your loved ones will always know where to find your will 

With Fabric's latest Trusted Contacts feature, your spouse or beneficiary will never have to dig through drawers, desks and piles of paper to find the latest copy of your will. This seemingly simple feature can make a huge impact if the need arises to find the proper documentation and ensure it is current.

4. The conversation about your legacy shouldn’t be intimidating

For families, especially those with young children, one of the most essential objectives in creating a will is designating guardians in the unlikely case they are needed. Although this isn't exactly a fun subject to think about, it is so empowering to address it straight on and know your family will be in good hands.

Of course, this requires some due diligence and direct conversations with the people you hope to select as your children's legal guardians. If and when the would-be guardian accepts, you can share further details about your finances and personal hopes. You might even consider leaving an ethical will that would outline the values you hope to pass down to your loved ones.


Just like when faced with the question of whether we should give away a car in exchange for a will, deciding whether to use Fabric to draft a legally enforceable last will and testament was a no-brainer—only, this time, it was an enthusiastic "yes."

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There is rightfully a lot of emphasis on preparing for the arrival of a new baby. The clothes! The nursery furniture! The gear! But, the thing about a baby registry is, well, your kids will keep on growing. Before you know it, they'll have new needs—and you'll probably have to foot the bill for the products yourself.

Thankfully, you don't have to break the bank when shopping for toddler products. Here are our favorite high-quality, budget-friendly finds to help with everything from meal time to bath time for the toddler set.

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Comforts Training Pants

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When the time comes to start potty training, it sure helps to have some training pants on hand. If they didn't make it to the potty in time, these can help them learn their body's cues.

Comforts Nite Pants

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Even when your toddler gets the hang of using the toilet during the day, nighttime training typically takes several months longer than day-time training. In the meantime, nite pants will still help them feel like the growing, big kid they are.

Comforts Baby Lotion

comforts baby lotion

Running, jumping, playing in sand, splashing in water—the daily life of a toddler can definitely irritate their skin! Help put a protective barrier between their delicate skin and the things they come into contact with every day with nourishing lotion.

Another great tip? Shopping the Comforts line on to find premium baby products for a fraction of competitors' prices—and follow along on social media to see product releases and news at @comfortsforbaby.

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Our Partners

I never wanted to be a mom. It wasn't something I ever thought would happen until I fell madly in love with my husband—who knew very well he wanted children. While he was a natural at entertaining our nephews or our friends' kids, I would awkwardly try to interact with them, not really knowing what to say or do.

Our first pregnancy was a surprise, a much-wanted one but also a unicorn, "first try" kind of pregnancy. As my belly grew bigger, so did my insecurities. How do you even mom when you never saw motherhood in your future? I focused all my uncertainties on coming up with a plan for the delivery of my baby—which proved to be a terrible idea when my dreamed-of unmedicated vaginal birth turned into an emergency C-section. I couldn't even start motherhood the way I wanted, I thought. And that feeling happened again when I couldn't breastfeed and instead had to pump and bottle-feed. And once more, when all the stress from things not going my way turned into debilitating postpartum anxiety that left me not really enjoying my brand new baby.

As my baby grew, slowly so did my confidence that I could do this. When he would tumble to the ground while learning how to walk and only my hugs could calm him, I felt invincible. But on the nights he wouldn't sleep—whether because he was going through a regression, a leap, a teeth eruption or just a full moon—I would break down in tears to my husband telling him that he was a better parent than me.

Then I found out I was pregnant again, and that this time it was twins. I panicked. I really cannot do two babies at the same time. I kept repeating that to myself (and to my poor husband) at every single appointment we had because I was just terrified. He, of course, thought I could absolutely do it, and he got me through a very hard pregnancy.

When the twins were born at full term and just as big as singleton babies, I still felt inadequate, despite the monumental effort I had made to grow these healthy babies and go through a repeat C-section to make sure they were both okay. I still felt my skin crawl when they cried and thought, What if I can't calm them down? I still turned to my husband for diaper changes because I wasn't a good enough mom for twins.

My husband reminded me (and still does) that I am exactly what my babies need. That I am enough. A phrase that has now become my mantra, both in motherhood and beyond, because as my husband likes to say, I'm the queen of selling myself short on everything.

So when my babies start crying, I tell myself that I am enough to calm them down.

When my toddler has a tantrum, I remind myself that I am enough to get through to him.

When I go out with the three kids by myself and start sweating about everything that could go wrong (poop explosions times three), I remind myself that I am enough to handle it all, even with a little humor.

And then one day I found this bracelet. Initially, I thought how cheesy it'd be to wear a reminder like this on my wrist, but I bought it anyway because something about it was calling my name. I'm so glad I did because since day one I haven't stopped wearing it.

Every time I look down, there it is, shining back at me. I am enough.

I Am Enough bracelet 

SONTAKEY  I Am Enough Bracelet

May this Oath Bracelet be your reminder that you are perfect just the way you are. That you are enough for your children, you are enough for your friends & family, you are enough for everything that you do. You are enough, mama <3


We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.


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