Halloween games are the best games. Are you looking for ideas to keep your little monsters entertained? Or perhaps you're more interested in Halloween games for grown-ups for a fun get-together sans kiddos?

And if you're looking for Halloween games that the whole family can take part in—don't worry, we've got you covered.

Whether you're into DIY-ing a Halloween game or two, or you'd rather just save yourself some time and get some games with the click of a button, there are plenty of silly, spooky ideas coming your way (including, Covid-safe apple bobbing!).

Halloween bowling

TP may have been a hot commodity at the beginning of the pandemic, but now that we have a whole closet full, we're planning to let loose for a game of TP Halloween bowling. Use a sharpie to decorate the toilet paper rolls with ghostly faces, grab a ball (or round fruit) and see who can get a strike.

Halloween candy quiz

Now this is fun one for anyone! If you're having a Halloween party for kids and adults, you can pass these out to the kiddos and keep them occupied with a quiz like this. Or team up with them and see which grown-up/little goblin team can name them all!

Covid-safe apple bobbing

And look, you can even make it COVID-safe by giving bobbers their own individual bowls!

Giant spider ring toss

Inflatables? Check. Giant, goofy-looking arachnid? Check. Endless laughs and rounds of fun? Check and check.

Bite-Me game for kids + adults

Each player tries to bite and "infect" the other players—humans, zombies, werewolves, and vampires, respectively. Can you survive long enough to win? Get this game and find out. (Anyone else think the creepiest thing on the game box cover is the little girl? No? Just me?)

Fall Bingo

This simple game combines the autumn season with Halloween staples (monsters and candy, oh my!). It's perfect for little ones to take part in at a party, at school, or just because!

Halloween scavenger hunt

The possibilities are endless! You could have your kids case the entire neighborhood or keep things to just the house and your backyard. Come up with a list of items for the whole family to find, and watch the entertainment unfold. (Bonus points to whoever buys a toy skeleton and buries it.)

Pin the eyeball on the zombie

Donkeys are so last year! Keep things creepy by blindfolding everyone, getting them dizzy, and laugh as they try to match up an eyeball to the socket of the undead. Fun for the whole family! For this price, you can't beat it.

Hocus Pocus board game

Take it, take all my money! I will unapologetically beat humans of all ages while embodying my inner Winifred. How cool is this game? Everyone's favorite Halloween movie is now a board game anyone can play (and if it's not your favorite Halloween movie, it should be).

A DIY escape room

It's a panicking good time! Bring the excitement and adrenalin from real-life escape rooms to your house. You can make it as difficult or as simple as you want, and watch all of your guests team up to try and figure a way out in time. (Warning: game could get funnier AND scarier with spiked punch.)

Halloween bean bag toss

It's like a silly, spooky, carnival-version of cornhole. You can play outside or inside, and it keeps kids of all ages entertained for awhile. Whoever loses the championship round has to bob for apples in the toilet (I don't make the rules).

Pick your poison (adult game)

This NSFW, NSFK (Not Safe For Kids) game is a gag-worthy good time! This card game is centered around unfathomable "What would you rather do?" scenarios (so yeah, this is for after the little monsters go to bed). Three or more players compete to create the hardest scenario possible by combining two "Poison" cards. It's like Cards Against Humanity, but you have to use your brain.

Don't get stabbed! (Yes, that's the real name)

While we're on the grown-up game train, here's a good one! This is a party game where you get to "kill" your family and friends—inspired by the classic horror movies of the '70s, '80s, and '90s it's actually pretty lighthearted and fun.

Card game + craft night

Keep things on-brand for the holiday but low-key at the same time. Buy a bunch of cheap card games (you can easily find themed games), Halloween craft supplies, and have a few people over for a cozy night of spooktacular fun.