Whether you already have kids, are about to have one, or don’t have any plans to reproduce in the near future, we can probably all agree that there are some places children just don’t belong: At an 8pm seating at a fancy restaurant. In the home department at Bergdorf Goodman. Sitting in on your big celebrity interview...unless you’re Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts.

Our favorite funny mommy blogger proves that kids and celebrity interviews do, in fact, mix in her new web series, The Mommy Show, debuting today on ulive. Think of Wiles as John Stewart for the parenting set – episodes feature unsuspecting celebrities that come to her NYC apartment for distracted conversation, kids’ crafting, and parenting physical challenges (picture Taye Diggs trying to open a child-proofed toilet seat). But Wiles’ sassy 3-year-old Mazzy and adorable baby Harlow steal the show; if Wiles is John Stewart, then Mazzy and Harlow are Steven Colbert. Could there be a spinoff in the works?

Below, Wiles gives Well Rounded NY a behind-the-scenes view of life as a celebrity talk show host.

Who do you model your interviewing style on? Do you have a favorite talk show host?

I don't model my interview style after anyone. That would be assuming that I have control over what comes out of my mouth. I'm too busy trying to process that there is a celeb on my couch! I like the late night talk show hosts more than the morning shows. They are more conversational, less polished. Jimmy Kimmel and Conan are both kind of underdogs, but both clever and relatable.

What makes a good talk show guest? A bad one?

Well, for the purposes of my webisode series, guests who can deliver short quips as opposed to longer stories work better for our format. It's really interesting how you can have good chemistry with a guest just like you would on a first date. There's been a couple of people where I would think, "I could totally be friends with this person in real life!" But I bet a lot of people think that about these people. They just seem like they are enjoying having a conversation with you as opposed to delivering talking points.

You've gotten guests to do some pretty outrageous stuff, like Taye Diggs folding laundry or the Joke Man putting together a breast pump. What's been your ultimate favorite ridiculous moment?

Taye Diggs trying to open the baby proofing on my toilet, for sure.

So far, who was Mazzy’s favorite guest? Harlow’s?

I have someone in mind but I can't reveal until her episode airs!

Does everyone get to take home a Mommy Shorts mug?

That's a good idea! I'm gonna have to get on that. I only have one, but I should really buy two for each guest.

Who’s your dream interview?

I interview mainly parents who are promoting something to the parenting community. Now, if Ryan Gosling would have a kid and write a children's book, he'd be PERFECT.

Photo courtesy of Mommy Shorts.