We can all agree that New York City is the city of big dreams (Grandmaster Flash and, like, a million other people have said so, so it has to be true, right?), but sometimes you’ve got to get out of the hustle and bustle to reset your idea wheels. For Storq founder Courtney Klein, it took leaving behind the Big Apple -- and her position as partner at an agency where she specialized in digital design and strategy -- and making a home in San Francisco, to launch the new maternity fashion brand Storq. Klein -- who is currently expecting her first baby -- started working on Storq less than a year ago after hearing countless complaints from pregnant friends and family who just couldn’t seem to find stylish maternity options. “The pieces that do resonate with fashion-conscious moms-to-be can get pretty pricey. We set out to offer easy solutions to the problem of dressing a pregnant body stylishly and affordably,” she says. Simply logging onto the Storq website puts your maternity fashion nightmares to rest. A simple homepage video -- which is basically a genius tutorial on how-to dress during pregnancy -- exudes ease, style and comfort. The site is incredibly easy to navigate too. So easy you’ll find your shopping cart filled with more than just one of their basic bundles (a bundle of basics -- could it get any easier?) that Klein designed in collaboration with her friend Grace Kapin. You can also stock up on safe body and beauty basics on Storq. We sat down with Courtney to find out a little more on one of our new favorite brands in the maternity market. What makes Storq basics so special? Maternity fashion can be pretty bleak. There’s a lot of poor quality and questionable style out there. It felt like there was a real opportunity to provide women with thoughtful pregnancy essentials without getting in the way of their personal style. How did you decide to partner with Grace on designs? Grace Kapin is one of my dearest friends.She has worked her way around the fashion industry and immediately got the idea of Storq and how to bring the basics to life. Who is the Storq woman? Our customer is a practical woman with strong sense of personal style. Tell us how you chose the fabrics and silhouettes. We wanted to be sure these were comfortable for everyday, regardless of the season. The fabric is soft, stretchy and breathable to accommodate growing bodies. We've eliminated all the bells and whistles, and stripped each piece down to just the essential elements. Our labels are screen printed and we’ve minimized the number of seams, so there’s nothing poking you. There are a lot of reasons that pregnant women can feel uncomfortable. Their clothes should not be one of them. How do you see your line evolving as time goes on? There’s a lot of noise in the maternity space, but it’s hard to find things we can really relate to. I’d like Storq to become the ultimate resource for style-conscious moms-to-be. We’re currently working on the next bundle. We’ll keep you posted! Who are other designers that you think complement your brand? Whatever is already in your closet! How did you choose the beauty and body brands? We consulted with doctors, doulas and herbalists. But most importantly, we talked with lots of pregnant women and new moms to decide on a lineup of everyday products that can easily be swapped in for the stuff that’s no longer safe for mom and baby. We also added in a few special products that are tailored to the specific needs of pregnant women. After scouring the marketplace and testing everything we could get our hands on, we settled on a selection we believe in. These products are safe, effective and beautifully designed. Everything is cruelty free and made in the USA. Many of the products are also handmade, vegan, all natural and use environmentally friendly packaging. How have you been challenged by your own pregnancy? This is my first baby, so it's been difficult for me to wrap my head around just what's coming and how to plan for it. Also, I have yet to find a pair of maternity jeans I love.

Storq founder Courtney Klein

What have been some pleasant surprises? People are really nice to pregnant ladies. ---