There are so many things love about London. And what soon-to-be mama doesn't love an afternoon tea, some fish & chips...or Kate Middleton? Add to that list Seraphine, the stylish and sophisticated British maternity brand that's a perennial favorite of just about every pregnant celebrity (including Kate Middleton). Pregnant Brits already get to shop Seraphine's three London boutiques regularly, while us American gals have had to get our fill online only, with just a smattering of the line available at maternity retailers stateside. But as of last week, we've got our very own gorgeous Seraphine boutique in the middle of Soho. The spacious West Broadway shop carries a vast array of the brand's collection, which spans from denim to evening gowns and everything in between. The boutique even carries Seraphine's brand new (and uber-comfy) ShoeTherapy line, heavenly ballet flats and pumps that are perfect for a city gal on the move. And for the new mom, there's plenty of nursing wear as well. Below, the brand's founder Cecile Reinaud gives WRNY the scoop on the new shop and her best tips for a stylish 9 months and beyond. Who's the Seraphine customer and what's her style? Our customer is a trendy, yummy mommy that likes following trends and keeping both fashionable and attractive during the 9 months. She is also a busy mom who nurses her baby and likes to also keep stylish during that postpartum phase.

Megan Hilty at the new shop

How has the line grown and evolved since launching? The line has evolved a lot and the collection has gotten bigger. We have launched a lot of different areas into the brand. We've introduced swimwear, underwear, and a nursing collection which is a very important part of the brand. Two years ago we also launched the luxe collection which is all evening wear and very high end red carpet. Over the years we broadened the line to try to cover every need and aspect of what a pregnant woman could want. Why did you want to open a NYC store? We decided to open because we do a lot of sales online in the US and we are seeing that customer base grow really fast with very good feedback. We've got three stores in London and one in Paris. We feel that New York is also a major fashion capital so it was a must for our brand to open a store here. This is our first, but we are planning to do a roll out of stores in the USA--there will definitely be more to come. How is the American pregnancy market different than other places? I don't think it is much different actually because what everyone wants to do these days is follow celebrities--something that also happens in London. Perhaps in the U.S. people are even more eager followers of celebrities so whatever is worn by a celebrity, often becomes an instant hit. I think the fashion today is very global and people aspire to the same things so we are not seeing much difference. In terms of trends, we know that Americans love prints which are something we have introduced more and more into our collection. Pregnancy is having a big fashion moment--with some of fashion's most stylish ladies pregnant now, how is it changing the perception of fashion and style during pregnancy? It's changing it a lot! I think people are realizing that you can still look glamorous and sexy during pregnancy. They see celebrities doing that look and they feel like they have to get on the bandwagon. They don't want to be left as the frumpy, maternity lady! I think it has a huge impact. What are some of the biggest trends in pregnancy fashion right now? Right now we have quite a strong trend with leather treggings. They are very comfortable through pregnancy so people love wearing those. Gwen Stefani wore ours so that helped to reinforce that trend! We are also seeing quite a lot of bright colors which has come from the cat walks. People are being more daring with reds and berry colors and moving away from black and gray which is usually a maternity staple. Denim also continues to work extremely well with the skinny look and bump hugging clothes. What are your best 3 style tips for pregnancy?
  1. Stay true to your style, which is our motto. Look for clothes that are still the types of clothing you would have liked pre-pregnancy. You can find those at Seraphine!
  2. Embrace your curves, show them off and do not try to hide them! Dare to wear more tight fitting clothing that maybe you do wear when you are not pregnant.
  3. Accessorize! Use lots of jewelry and scarves to brighten up your look and make it fun and on trend.