Getting the kids in the kitchen is fun and memorable; some of my earliest memories include standing on a chair at the kitchen counter. Cooking can also be an excellent learning experience , as you teach kids kitchen safety, math (measuring and fractions), reading and how to follow directions via a recipe. Not to mention that getting their hands dirty and playing with ingredients is a fun sensory experience.

Whether they're toddlers just learning how to navigate a kitchen or older kids who have some cooking experience, kids at every level will enjoy making (and eating) these delicious and adorable Easter recipes, courtesy of TikTok and Instagram foodies .

1. The cutest pancakes you ever did see

Kids can help mix the pancake batter in this recipe by @slimmingstevie, then assemble and decorate the bunny. Give them mini cookie cutters and let them cut up the fruit, too.

2. Melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter eggs

Peanut butter eggs like these from @laurens_latest are a delicious Easter classic. Let kids measure and mix ingredients, roll the peanut butter mixture into egg shapes, and decorate the top with sprinkles.

3. Easter-themed fruit salad

Because this recipe is made almost entirely inside a bag, it's virtually mess-free and fun for kids to mix. This bread in a bag from @busytoddler is a big hit with my toddler.

4. A Cadbury Egg trifle

Kids get to design the look of this recipe from @slowroasted themselves as they layer the treats and decorate the top.

5. A mini Peep habitat

This recipe from @rudyko.taylor may not be especially nutritious, but it's fun for kids to make. The tiniest of kitchen helpers will be able to design their own delicious scene for one of the most polarizing Easter treats—the Peep.

6. A snack for kids and bunnies

You and your kids will be happy with this easy-to-make, filling, and adorable snack from @palmettokidsdentistry.

7. Something to do with all those hard-boiled eggs

Show the example bunny from @fitmom.fitkids so older kids can copy it, or challenge them to make their own creation. Younger kids will enjoy putting a bunny together with pre-cut pieces.

8. Smashed baby potatoes


Smashed Potatoes 🥔 (IG: @EITAN) Recipe On! #potatoes #smashedpotatoes #chef #cooking #recipe #food #potato #tiktokchef #quickrecipes

♬ original sound - Eitan Bernath

This recipe from @eitan makes an excellent side for Easter dinner. Kids will enjoy smashing the potatoes, and they can choose their own toppings to sprinkle on when they're done.

9. An entire leg of lamb (yes, really)


Tag Gordon Ramsay leg of lamb @gordonramsayofficial #ramsayreacts #fyp #lamb #legoflamb #easter #dinner

♬ original sound - Chef ilirian kameraj

This enthusiastic three-year-old chef at @ilirian_cooks proves that kids can help prepare your main Easter dish.

10. Peep-inspired Rice Krispie treats


Peep this #Easter inspired twist on rice crispy treats🐣💕 #eastereggs #fyp #happyeaster

♬ Take It Easy - Surfaces

The fun twist on this classic recipe from @soyummy gives kids an opportunity to fill their treats with even more treats, like sprinkles or M&M's.

11. Crunchy chocolate bird nests


Obsessed with these Easter treats 😍 I saw this in a crafts book during my childhood- finally making them! 🐣 #Easter #fyp #foryoupage #chocolate

♬ Roses (Imanbek Remix) - SAINt JHN

These nests from @poshpolitical are as aesthetically pleasing as they are easy to make. Try chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, or white chocolate chips for different flavors.

12. Easter bread French toast


left over Easter bread? no problem! Easter Bread French Toast #recipe #easterbread #fyp #happyeaster #vibecheck #cooking #breakfastrecipe #easyrecipe

♬ I'm the One - DJ Khaled

@nicole98588 shows you how to use your leftover Easter bread to make French toast. Let kids get their hands messy and dip the bread in the egg mixture. Just be sure they wash their hands after!