Long before I became pregnant, there was one question that burdened me on a daily basis: “What am I having for lunch?” Dinner and breakfast were tied for second. Pregnancy adds a whole layer of questions to meal time. Forget about your cravings...suddenly you’re worried about solids, and your baby hasn’t even exited the womb. You want to make sure that you’re getting the right combination of nutrients for both you and your baby. That can feel like a lot pressure.

That’s why we were very intrigued by the recently launched FitBump: Thrive Foods, a prenatal and postnatal meal service you can have delivered 5-7 days per week. FitBump: Thrive Foods -- which was developed by FitBump360 founder Kira Kohrherr in connection with Thrive Foods by Brendan Brazier and his kitchen in Oxnard, Calif. -- delivers plant-based, farm-to-table recipes right to your door using organic, natural, unrefined whole foods. True story. The menu is constantly rotating and sent at random. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with meals like lentil butternut squash chili, sauteed garden vegetables & quinoa, and my personal favorite (oddly enough), cinnamon date oatmeal. Also my toddler could not inhale the granola fast enough. FitBump: Thrive Foods is making meal times much easier on you and your pregnancy brain. And your family, if you choose to share.

Founder Kohrherr gives us the inside scoop on her new project.

Please tell us about Fitbump360.

FitBump was created as a one-stop-shop to help wellness-focused women make mindful, educated decisions throughout their pregnancy and beyond. We want to help educate moms to help educate future generations!

While I was very happy that every dish was vegetarian, what about the meat lovers?

Meat lovers can definitely add to the meals if they'd like. There is nothing restrictive about the meals - they’re meant to give you all your needed nutrients, and then you can add to them based on your preferences.

Was it a conscious choice to be meat-free?

Yes. We believe moms can get all the nutrients they need meat-free, but again, it's not restrictive. The main focus is to get moms to eat mindfully and focus on healthy choices.

Can you tell us how you supplement the proteins?

A lot of our meals have a large amount of digestible vegetable protein - quinoa, beans, etc. Beans, for example, not only provide protein, but much needed fiber!

The portions are huge! How did you decide on those sizes?

Haha! No one has to finish them. It's meant to satisfy you and provide all the nutrients needed.

How different is your prenatal meal from your postnatal meal?

Prenatal and postnatal are similar but they incorporate some required ingredients individually for moms before and after baby.

Can partners eat the meals too? Mine did.

Absolutely!! They are meant to be shared if hubbys are interested!

For moms who decide for one reason or another not to sign up for FitBump: Thrive Foods, what's one tip you can offer for meal-planning during pregnancy? That's a great question. I would say focus on the "net-gain" that your food provides. (Think kale vs. a donut). High net-gain foods deliver us energy by way of conservation as opposed to consumption. Highly processed, refined, denatured food requires significantly more digestive energy be spent to break it down in the process of transferring its caloric energy to us. Your body is focusing energy on creating life. Nurture it with the best food to aid in this process.