Although these steamy New York days are feeling more like summer than ever, the fresh excitement of autumn is definitely in the air. Kids are skipping down the streets with backpacks and tales of new friends while my pals and I just caught up over a pedicure and ditched the neon nail polish for deep shades of red. It's hard to say farewell to summer but there's so much to look forward to (especially for those of you who are currently expecting!). We hope you have a great weekend--what's better than fall in New York?!

Essential oils seem to be popping up left and right. I love these ideas for ways to use them in your everyday life, especially that note about those pesky back to school colds (be sure to read the comments too!).

Speaking of back to school, here's a fun way to add some color to the family calendar.

Can I still buy shiny lined notebooks and sparkly pens for myself? No? Well then maybe I'll splurge on these gorgeous books--to read and to gaze at.

Who wouldn't love to come home to a stunning afternoon snack?

I better get started now if I want to curl up with one of these when the temp drops! Back to knitting school for me . . .