Am I the only one who is kinda happy that we're supposed to get another rainy day this weekend? We had a lot of fun tucking in to some fun cooking projects and I hope for a repeat kitchen session.

As I slowly come to terms with the fact that my post baby brain just isn't as sharp as it once was I've been trying to give it a regular workout. This is my current favorite brain training app.

Considering I've already established myself as a bit of a binge watching pro I've often wondered about this. A fascinating read if I may say so myself.

We have started a Halloween tradition of dressing my son up as something different every day of Halloween week. While looking for inspiration I came upon this article. So many awesome ideas.

Our household has randomly been really into the world of voice acting recently (if you haven't watched In A World or I Know That Voice I highly recommend them both) and this piece is a great time suck.

These little guys seem like a potentially awesome gift for a little artist.