Can we just pause for a moment and collectively recognize that October (and September for that matter) went by faster than it ever has before. And here we are, November, and I'm sure it too will fly by but I'm still going to do my best to not get caught up in the holiday chaos and try to be in the present. Maybe that will slow time. Maybe.

With some of those slow moments I may try one or two of these ideas and get an earlyish start to gift making.

Winter isn't really even here and my skin is already beyond dry, my hands especially. This DIY seems wonderful and easy enough for me to figure it out.

Can I have one of each please? I have a serious sweater problem.

The last thing I need is more restaurants to add to my Foursquare lists but this is a pretty awesome collection.

I grew up in this clothing line and they're having a pretty fantastic sale right now so I think I may need to stock up for my little one.