This weekend my little sister is getting married so we packed off to Charleston, SC on Wednesday to get an early start on the celebrating. We've never been to Charleston before and in between helping with all the last minute details we've really enjoyed exploring the city; I'm so glad we're making a little vacation out of her big event.

While lying on the couch in my Thanksgiving stupor I began to plan my holiday cookie baking and came across this awesome recipe. Not your typical winter cookie but I think that's part of the appeal.

I will definitely be adding this book to my wish list this year.

We've now fought off two bouts of bad colds this fall and had a lot of luck using essential oils to help manage the symptoms. Mixing a little eucalyptus oil with some lotion and rubbing it into my little guy's feet before tucking him in to his footies is a personal fave.

I find it very hard to resist collections of slow cooker recipes and this one should keep me cooking for a while.

I LOVE this idea and hope I can get my hands on some when they become available.

Have a great weekend!