This week, I'm happy to announce that I'm officially a member of the Well Rounded club! My husband and I have made all our phone calls and spread the happy news to family and friends, so now I get to share the scoop with all of you--we will be welcoming a baby in May 2015! After a year of trying filled with irregular cycles, a diagnosis of PCOS and a whole lot of soul searching, we are still pinching ourselves in disbelief (and I'm praying that the nausea ends soon!).

I've always been passionate about babies and amazed by the strong online community of moms so I'm honored to finally be joining the ranks. Of course, I'll be reading (in addition to contributing to) WRNY along the way to stay up-to-date on all the latest and greatest things I need to know and hope you'll all chime in with tips and tricks of your own. For now, here are some favorites I've found around the web during my first trimester journey.

A handy infographic telling me how many cute little outfits I'll need for the early days at home. What do you experienced moms think?

A winter coat that's on my list for those cold February and March days when I expect my current puffy jacket will refuse to zip.

One new mom's perspective on baby-wearing (I'm still stumped on how to tie those wraps!).

These online yoga videos are perfect for days when I need a good stretch but don't feel up to a trip to the local studio.

And last but not least, snack that's never far from my reach and satisfies the biggest pregnancy stereotype.

Have a great weekend!