We're in the thick of the holiday season, trying to soak up all the delightful bits of what New York has to offer this time of year before we head back to my home town next week. As magical as the city used to feel in December it is a million time more magical when you're walking past the lights with a little one who literally "ooohs" and "aaahs" at all of them.

Speaking of lights, this year's window displays are some of the best of recent memory. Definitely worth checking out if you can brave the crowds.

I am counting the moments until I start making my first batch of these. I usually end up making them a few times during the holidays because they are really that good.

Having fallen back in love with the adult version of this my sister made me last year I think I am going to attempt kiddo versions as last minute gifts for the littles on my list.

Few things bring me greater joy than this annual tradition.

Need a last minute, non-traditional gift idea? Check this out.