It seems that life these days revolves around the baby in my belly. There's a huge pillow taking up 1/3 of the bed space (my husband calls it the candy cane) and whenever the baby moves, we both drop everything so that he can try to feel those sweet little kicks and punches. I can only assume that life will continue to become more and more centered around this babe and his or her future siblings so it's nice to pause this week and focus on what led us to parenthood in the first place. Sure, Valentine's Day can be cheesy, but I always look forward to a chance to tell my guy just how much I love him. A quiet meal and a few sweet gifts? That's my kind of holiday (although this year I'll be missing the wine!). Moms, Dads and Parents-To-Be, what's on your agenda for this weekend? Whatever your plans, I hope it's a good one! Thoughts on celebrating your first V-Day with baby on board. It's not too late to plan something special! But it might be a little late to place a flower order (although in NYC, bodegas abound!). I've bookmarked this site for the next time I need to send some blooms. Looking for a fun daytime activity with your littles? Donutsare my love language.