This week finds me nearly 30 weeks pregnant and welcoming the third trimester with stacks of books on birthing and breastfeeding teetering on my nightstand. Speaking of childbirth, I've been loving my Bradley Method class with Tanya Wills and Amy Goldstein and encourage all you curious moms-to-be to check them out here. Who knows how this birth will go?! But one thing's for sure, I can't wait to meet this little baby! Hope all you pregnant mamas are feeling well.

Here are a few fun reads and links I stumbled upon this week. Happy Friday!

Have you joined the subscription box craze yet? Now might be the time! Stitch Fix just launched maternity options.

Afraid to ditch the swaddle? I hear there is promise of sleep on the other side!

One celeb fights for equal opportunity diaper duty (yes, please!).

On my wish list: everything from this new line.

Oh, and maybe a pair of these made-to-order beauties with a matching pair for Baby!