My mom is coming to town this weekend and the timing couldn't be more perfect, I've been feeling a little under the weather and I'm really looking forward to her making a batch of her cure-all mac'n cheese. We may also make the trip to the American Museum of Natural History for this awesome exhibit.

A few years ago I tried to sew gifts for a few of the little ones in my life and failed miserably but this caught my eye and I may need to break out the sewing machine once again.

If you have ever gone through a Beatles phase or have an iota of interest in the history of rock n' roll then you should not miss this project from Google.

I've had an itch to change up my hairstyle once again and this only added fuel to that fire.

I think, should I start feeling better, I might tackle this uber delicious looking recipe this weekend (I'm thinking this is going to be a comfort food kinda visit).

I hope you all get taken care of a little bit this weekend, it's important stuff to keep your soul happy.