This is my last post before taking a few days to relax before my due date. It's hard to believe that the big day has nearly arrived, especially considering my journey to conception and that never-ending first trimester nausea. But soon I'll be dealing with contractions (yikes!) and then those super sweet and extra exhausting first days at home with a new baby. There's something extra sweet about celebrating Mother's Day this year: thinking about my mom in those final days before I arrived and imagining how much my life is about to change. Who else is counting the days? Let us know when your babes arrive!

In the meantime, here are a few fun links to kick off your weekend. Happy Moms' Day!

I plan to maintain my sense of humor on this journey as much as possible. Here's a little bit of help, in case you're in need of the same.

In case you have more days left with that bump than I do, it's not too late to pick up this super cute collab.

You've surely heard this news by now but I think it deserves noting that I'm super relieved they didn't take my baby name!

One of the super knowledgable mommas in my circle recommended I have this magic potion on hand for the early days after delivery.

This might be the last book I enjoy for a while. Can't wait to put my feet up and dig in!