Ladies, I’m feeling a little sentimental this week. Today is my five year old’s last day of kindergarten. It feels impossible because the memory of dropping him off in his Transformers t-shirt is still so fresh in my mind. At the time, I was also just a few weeks away from delivering my second child. A baby who is now eight months old with a smile as wide as his enormous head! It all passed by in such a blur, and these summer days will probably slip by just as quickly. I know you're probably uncomfortable, but remember to enjoy your pregnancies....enjoy your summer. And enjoy these five links before you sign off for the weekend!

Here’s a breastfeeding mom who really doesn’t want to see your nipples. She wrote you an open letter, so you know she means business!

Do you know what your nursery really needs? Llama bookends.

Delayed cord clamping has been gathering momentum with new parents. Get the skinny right here.

You’re pregnant, and it’s summer. Waddle yourself down to the East Village to indulge in one of these amazing frozen creations!

In honor of Father's Day, here’s an awesome video featuring a bunch of real guys finding out they’re about to become dads. The guy :36 seconds in got me all choked up!