Summer days are supposed to be slow and lazy, but I feel like mine have been moving by at an alarming speed since having babies. I’m doing my best to slow down, get outside as much as possible, and grab my breaks where I can get them. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend wherever it takes you. Here are five great links to send you on your way which are best enjoyed poolside or in a hammock. Okay...your desk is fine.

It looks like the heat and humidity are here to stay this summer. Do you know what your baby needs? Rompers! Lots and lots of rompers!

If you’re trying to lose postpartum weight, you really just need to stop eating. Don’t shoot the messenger. :(

This woman’s nursery makes me feel a little bit bad about my baby’s nursery. How did I fail to accessorize with a vintage Moroccan wedding blanket?

I realize child care isn’t the sexiest topic, but those of you returning to work soon will appreciate this old (but still very good) New York Times article.

Those early months with a newborn can be really overwhelming. Chill out, okay?