Long weekends always play tricks on the week that follows them and this was no exception. I extended the summer break feel by tucking in to a favorite childhood book which inspired me to seek out some others that I could also share with my little guy. A quick search gave me this site, and a very long list of books I need to buy.

For all the conversation around self-driving cars, I'm surprised there hasn't been more about improving auto safety for kids, but worry not, Volvo has started the conversation. While we wait for those to hit the road, though, our babies can at least start riding safely and in style with this cool collab between two design-minded baby companies.

The number of photos new parents take can verge on the absurd but if you find yourself, like I did, wanting to preserve some of those candid moments a bit longer, I highly recommend this company. I had photos printed and framed for Father's Day gifts and they were awesome - some of the best quality prints I've found.

As I was slipping on my old Birks last weekend I was reminded how awesome they were to have on hand during the last month of my summer pregnancy when my feet got super swollen. If you're dreading facing the hot days of summer that remain check out some of the cute new styles they have.

While you're at it, head on over to one of our fave Brooklyn shops, Bird, whose brand new line of dresses are practically made for pregnancy. You deserve it, mama.

Happy Weekend!