I used to love everything about September. It always felt like a fresh, clean start full of possibilities. And also, importantly, the return of good hair. Most of the time anyway. Not this year. Last night, I was so ridiculously stressed out that my husband practically poured a glass of wine down my throat. There’s so much to keep track of that I am losing it. After school activities. Forms to fill out, and more forms. The high holidays are in two days and nobody has clothes or shoes. Come to think of it, I don’t have clothes or shoes either. And we need a rental car...or is it cars? It’s cars. Obviously, planning ahead would help mitigate or eliminate some of the stress. I’m working on it, but foresight has never been my strong suit. What about you guys? Are you planning ahead for those babies? And all of the changes that come with being a family?

That’s okay. Instead just plan on buying your mini-me these teeny-tiny Vans.

Scroll straight to the bottom of this post to shop some seriously chic baby clothes.

Dolphin assisted births are a thing you guys. Somebody get me Flipper!

I think my baby needs this peacoat. Excuse me, NEEDS. All caps. ALL.

Less interested in shopping and more interested in getting rid of stuff? There is nothing I love more than a good closet purge. Pack up your stuff, and the kids stuff for Little Swappies this weekend.

(Seriously gorgeous) photography by Stylish & Hip Kids.