All of you have been on my mind this week with the spike in heat and humidity here in the city. New York women love to go-go-go, and I think many of us actually forget that we’re pregnant while we dash from one obligation to another. It’s a fact that getting overheated can trigger preterm labor. Remember to stay cool, drink lots of water, and not to overexert yourselves too much. Cool down at one of the pools in your neighborhood, or steal some time in the movie theater.

Remember last week when I was complaining about those barre workouts? I take it back now that I’m starting to see some results. Book your prenatal or postnatal exercise session at Pure Yoga East or West. I hate to pick favorites, but Heather Hamilton is totally my favorite.

Your honeymoon might be a distant memory, but there’s still time to make that Babymoon happen! And you’ll need this to wear on your vacay.

Maybe you thought you’d get through the summer in non-maternity swimsuits. Maybe the ones you bought have seen better days. If you're suddenly in need, there are some great swimsuits on sale at Destination Maternity.

Breastfeeding has definitely gone mainstream when The Bump is sponsoring a public breastfeeding event called The Boobolution.

Before we go, here’s a fall fashion tip for you. All of the coolest babies are going to be dressed like food. Trust us.