Do you feel it? That chill in the air? It's definitely there because my toes are cold in the morning! Fall is my favorite time of year though. Leather booties, jeans, and cozy sweaters are my default uniform - probably to a fault. Those of you first feeling the second trimester strain of bellies against denim should go ahead and indulge in some shopping. Everything you pick up now will take you right through the winter, and probably into postpartum territory too. And if this is your first baby, don't skimp! My really nice stuff more than paid for itself the second time around.

Wrap those bumps in cozy knits, premium leggings, fall plaids, a pretty perfect swing coat, and a whole lot of other stuff you’d wear even if you weren’t pregnant.

Snap ‘N Go car seats totally get the job done, but this looks awesome.

About to post that tiny tushie on social media? Hold up.

Dads get postpartum depression too, you guys.

Are you at work today? Nobody else is. Book this pre/postnatal yoga class at AquaFitness instead.