Are you guys away on vacation this week? Of course, you are. Everybody is away...except for me! Or that’s what it feels like anyway. I love this late summer lull though before everybody comes racing back to the city. It’s so calm and peaceful. You can enjoy dinner at a sidewalk cafe without the usual street traffic. Subway cars are blissfully empty and cool. And all of my clients are away so I have time (in theory) to take care of a bunch of stuff at the office. So before I go do exactly that, let's raise a virtual toast to the last weekend of Summer 2015 in the city, your bellies and the coming fall! See you back here next Friday.

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo announced she was pregnant with twin girls, and predictably the entire internet weighed in.

Sometimes, we like to peek into the lives of other city mamas. And their apartments! Ummm....that is a really nice looking backyard Miss. Mara Hoffman.

When you’re brushing your baby’s three hairs, only the finest will do!

Here’s the latest way to annoy people with your baby online...or maybe just the author of STFU Parents.

I’ve been casting a somewhat skeptical eye at the return of the penny loafer, but this pair is totally chic and perfect for fall preggos.