Hey ladies, is it okay if we just chill out today? I’m tired. All I want is to cuddle up with my kids at home, preferably in fuzzy socks, and eat Twizzlers. If you happen to have an old issue of September Vanity Fair, send it my way because Taylor Swift was talkin’ - and I need to hear what she has to say. Although maybe I should be paying more attention to our current crop of Presidential candidates??? Nah...maybe next week.

Here’s how to get out the door looking like you after your bump becomes a baby.

Imagine coffee in one hand, stroller in the other, and your feet in these studded d’Orsay flats...

OR these amazingly well priced over-the-knee boots. Maybe both. Is that bratty?

Too exhausted to move? Put up your feet up and check out OM City which is pretty much the best web series ever.

Your baby shower should have a floral crown station. Just sayin’.

(Seriously gorgeous) photography by Stylish & Hip Kids.