I know you're all busy growing new life and everything, but I'm really distracted today. My favorite frozen yogurt place closed. That might sound like a small thing, but they had over 90 different toppings. And somehow no matter how much frozen yogurt was dispensed into your enormous cup, it was always $3.60. Literally, I cannot write. Excuse me while I console myself with Diet Lemon Snapple and M&Ms. Enjoy your bumps, your weekend, and this week's Friday Five.

I belatedly discovered that the Apple Watch can monitor your baby’s heart rate. No idea what we’re supposed to do with this information.

We're loving Cosabella’s beautiful new line of maternity lingerie.

According to STFU Parents, you’re not allowed to complain about this on Facebook. Also, your typos annoy her.

Apparently, pregnant couples do some weird stuff. Like this.

And seriously, a denim baby carrier? Why did we not think of this? Check out BabyBjörn's new Carrier One and while you're at it, their new Diaper Bag Sofo too.

Happy Weekend!

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