Last week, I got a little teary eyed in the middle of a beginner yoga class on the floor of Equinox. That might have been because I don't even like yoga. When everybody in the room starts to OM, I want to run. Of course, the truth is that I've been so desperate for some downtime that I wasn't emotionally prepared for forty-five minutes of quiet. No bottles to warm, no waffles to toast. How did I wind up in this state? I'm a second time mom, not some rookie. I know that I can take some time for myself, and the baby will be fine. Unfortunately, it is frighteningly easy to disappear into the chaos of parenting.

After the baby arrives, make sure you're still taking care of yourself. Make a date for drinks with your friends. Carve out an hour of time to just chill at a local cafe. Escape to the closest movie theater to catch the latest James Bond film, but whatever you do...don't let things get so bad that you find yourself weeping on the floor of your local gym. That's just sad, and a little embarrassing.

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Babies in the 'burbs might dream of sheep, but city babies have taxis and pretzels dancing in their heads.

New York City's first Milk Bank Depot opened last week.

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Original (and amazing, right?) illustration by Miranda Bruce for Well Rounded NY.