I never love my country more than when I’m looking at a nationally mandated, three-day weekend. Normally, we stick around the city for July 4th weekend, but this year, we’re out of here. There’s a rental car downstairs packed to the brim with beach towels, suitcases, and a four-day supply of diapers. Feel free to place bets on how far we make it down the FDR before the baby needs to be fed, my 5-year-old needs to pee, or the GPS gets funky. You could also just skip that part, and check out these links instead.

Play the pregnancy card this weekend. Kick up your swollen ankles, and have somebody deliver one of these watermelon mocktails.

Nobody really wants to work out when they’re pregnant, but is anybody up for the nae-nae?

To bed share, or not to bed share? That is the ongoing question.

Here’s what Kim Kardashian looks like at four months preggo. Just like us.

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