I don't think I've mentioned that after giving birth last year that I was left with a lovely little condition called diastasis recti. The condition is a separation of the abdominal muscles that has left me with constant lower back pain, and a stubborn pooch around my middle that means half of my closet cannot be worn. Six months of cardio, physical therapy and wrapping myself in a hellish velcro girdle that is constantly ripping open has left me more than a little cranky. Surgery might sound like the obvious option, but a tummy tuck is a majorly painful procedure that puts you out of commission for weeks. So I'm taking one last crack at fixing the situation with this 12-week program called the MuTu System. If any of you are curious about it, I'll let you know how I look when I'm done.

Of course, I could just ditch those expectations about what my body is supposed to look like after having a baby. Thank you sassy Australian lady who went viral this week. #badassundies

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Illustration by Miranda Bruce for Well Rounded NY.