My first year with Dylan was miraculously illness free until late last week. I came home from work to find him spiking a slight fever, and throwing up prune puree on my 6-year-old’s robot comforter. No big deal, right?

I’m a second time mom, and his head pretty much has to be spinning before I call the pediatrician. Well, it became a big deal when he woke up two days later with a blistering rash all over his hands, feet and legs. As we sat in the pediatrician’s office, I made a mental list of all the places he was no longer allowed to frequent. Places where disgusting babies covered in virus laden drool, feces and snot crawled free spreading infectious diseases courtesy of negligent caregivers too lazy to WASH THEIR FREAKING HANDS!!! That list included the neighborhood library, the local bookstore, the children’s museum, the local playspace, and four different playgrounds.

Except that’s obviously completely ridiculous. As much as we may want to, we cannot put our babies in a bubble - especially not in the city. Thankfully, his fever has broken, the rash has faded, and he is back in circulation. Shedding his latent virus all over unsuspecting babies as we speak.

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Photography by Lindsey Belle.