Last night WRNY had the chance to attend a talk at the Mind Body Green offices in DUMBO where the main topic of conversation was all about simplifying health. The founder of the vitamin company SmartyPants, along with Dr. Woodson Merrell, author of The Detox Prescription, spoke personally on the topic. They discussed the things that make for a healthy life which include not only exercise, sleep, meditation and a proper diet, but also connectivity and love. You’re probably feeling that connectivity and love part more than ever if you’re pregnant for the first time, no?

This week we’ve brought you topics concentrated on Earth Week, but the truth is, you may have already noticed these topics pop up on our site before, because this is stuff that we feel is so important. Becoming pregnant means that you have become connected to a tiny individual that is growing inside of you. Tiny individuals you want to be the healthiest version of you for. Tiny individuals that it’s our job to teach how to live green. Because our world is now their world too, and don’t you want it to be awesome for them? So to round out our week, here are a few of our favorite posts we came across over the last few days from some of our favorite green resources.

What’s all this hype about Tumeric?

We think we can totally get our tots to eat anything if served in these.

Which is good because it turns out we really can have a garden in our tiny NY apartments.

Even though sometimes we want to run up and live in the woods because of stuff like this.

Because then we’d totally get to drive one of these.

But then we're reminded of all the awesome mamas who live here and remember we're exactly where we should be.

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