It’s Wednesday and you know what that means: It’s #BumpDay. The team at What to Expect is behind today’s #BumpDay campaign celebrating the beauty and strength of pregnant women, and thousands of women have shared snapshots of their pregnancy across social media sites.

Today’s #BumpDay campaign is also focused on “calling much-needed attention to the overwhelming challenges that make pregnancy and childbirth perilous for too many moms and babies around the world.”

We’re all for anything that celebrates pregnant women and makes their lives better, and we are spending time today admiring the beauty and diversity of this next generation of social media moms.

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#BumpDay #HappyWednesday #34WeeksTomorrow
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My belly is getting huge #bumpday
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When my husband and I first got married, I remember going to a speed workout for our training group and seeing a super pregnant woman running. I pulled Nick aside and said, "Don't get any ideas, I am never going to run pregnant." Flash forward 7 years and I just walked in from an early morning run at 24 weeks pregnant with baby number 4 Don't ever count yourself out or set limitations, you have no idea what you are capable of. I didn't set a goal to run pregnant, but 5 pregnant half-marathons later it somehow happened anyway. By no means do I love running while doesn't always feel comfortable and my pace is absolutely slowing, but I do love moving and finding just one moment in the day that's for me. Watching the sunrise and enjoying the sounds of the morning. I never regret a decision to #laceup. Happy #bumpday!!!
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Happy #BumpDay #baby #babygirl #babybump #24weeks #6months #pregnant
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@misscintakate thank you for satisfying my cravings, feat bump #love #yum #craving #bumpday #bump #pregnancy #amazing
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Apparently it's #BumpDay, reminiscing from the days I felt like a whale!
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Happy #bumpday
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Week 34 #bumpday #pregnancy
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