We're all about women celebrating their pregnancy--figuring out their style, nesting, beginning a new chapter in their careers--but there's also so much beauty in the evolution of a couple becoming parents. Gone are the days when dad just sits on the couch like an oaf and here are the days where two people are working as a parenting unit. And we want to hear dad's side too.

We've loved watching one our favorite creative couples, Mick Batyske (better known as DJ MICK) and his expectant wife and fashion and event producer Rana Batyske, get ready to welcome baby boy (little Myles arrived 2 weeks ago!) into the world as a team.

“I'm interested to see how our dynamic changes with this new life we'll be responsible for. It has always been just us, traveling the world for 8 years together," says Rana.

Here we play a little game of he said, she said with MICK and Rana and give this talented couple a chance to give us both sides of the stories. We can't wait to see how it plays out.

What kind of parent do you think your partner will be?

MICK: Kind. Firm. Serious yet funny. Loving. But I'm definitely the good cop to her bad cop. She has turned my (pre-marriage) cats into domesticated model citizens of the animal kingdom.

Rana: I picture the early stages of Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom being parallel to Mick's style for sure. I'm happy we're having a boy because Mick gets a real buddy out of the deal...comics every Wednesday, going to ridiculous movies (which I despise and refuse to call films) like Transformers, and teaching his music. He's going to be great because he's shown me greatness throughout my pregnancy.

What baby fashion piece can you not wait to put on your baby?

MICK: Absolutely a pair of the 30-plus sneakers he already has, pre-birth. With more to come...

Rana: A friend just purchased us matching vintage Tokyo Bomber jackets from a recent trip to Japan. Unfortunately, he won't be able to fit into it until he's 4/5. Or younger if I birth a Shaquille O'neal type. In the meantime, I'm really into Australian fashion and Huxbaby has some cool pieces I can't wait to get him into!

What is the song you're most looking forward to sharing with baby?

MICK: No way to just pick one song because music is such a big part of my life, I can't wait for him to just experience the entire scope of musicality. From the hip hop I grew up loving to the jazz and rock music it sampled, and of course the stuff of today.

Rana: Easy...Tirol Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Movement II by Phillip Glass. It's the first song he responded to when I put headphones on my belly and it's on my delivery playlist for the main event! The most beautiful song. I feel like I'm in a Tim Burton film when I listen

When we say Brooklyn parents you say...

MICK: Best parents in the world. That said, there are definitely some weird motherfu**ers here.

Rana: Yikes. Am I becoming one?! I find myself thinking about enrollment for music classes. Did I mention they start as early as 7 months?! Kind of zany. Don't get me wrong, there are some really cool parents, but I've met my share that are pretty X-Files.

When we say newborn you say…

MICK: Greatest gift ever.

Rana: Grateful. And thank God for my mother who will be staying a month. And to all of our family flying in every few weeks to help. Blessed!

When we say family you say...

MICK: Helping create a legacy that can improve the world.

Rana: Wish they lived closer.

When we saying cooking you say...

MICK: It's a process. Thank God Chipotle is coming to Park Slope.

Rana: Help! All nannies from the Caribbean please contact us. We care about child care but beef patties don't hurt either.

When we say style you say...

MICK: Clean and simple. Yet expressive.

Rana: Style has always come effortlessly. I'm excited to see my son's sense of style and attitude. I think I'm going to be in for it.

When we say breast you say...

MICK: Nipples!

Rana: Please stick around and don't shrivel up on me. Thank you in advance.

When we say birth you say…

MICK: A day I've waited my whole life to experience and I'm counting down the seconds until his arrival.

Rana: May you be swift. May you be seamless. May you be painless... I know I'm reaching here. I just pray for the most healthy outcome for me and my son.

Photography by Lauren Crew