From the moment I got pregnant with Oliver, a thirst hit me like no other. Already an avid hydrator, I found myself revisiting the water cooler for more than just the office gossip. Drinking water for two is crucial for pregnancy. "Not only is it healthy for you and your baby, but you're more likely to contract and go into pre-term labor when you're dehydrated,” says New York City OB-GYN Meredith Halpern of Cityscape OB/GYN. Reason enough to stay hydrated.

I’m not a fan of buying overpriced and anything-but-green water bottles, so I started using reusable water bottles a few years ago. And unlike my reusable grocery bags, these get actual use. But not all water bottles are created equal. Just like the baby gear you’re currently stocking up on, you want to make sure the water you ingest on a daily basis is free of BPA and anything else you can’t pronounce. Glass is the safe choice...and the pretty one. Which we think is important if it’s going to be one of your accessories for the next few months and beyond. Because the hydrating does not stop once baby is here. One of the best nursing tips from my birth instructor was to set up a nursing station (or a few) in your home that always has a water bottle filled. So yes, you’ll continue pee’ing a lot for a little while longer, but you’ll also ensure both you and your baby stay hydrated.

Here are 5 glass water bottles to keep your thirst at bay.