Locations: http://www.soul-cycle.com/

Cost: $34 per single class (plus $3 shoe rental)

Schedule: Classes offered daily. Schedules vary at each location.

There was a time when all cycle classes were created equal. Sure you probably had a favorite instructor, but since SoulCycle entered the New York Scene in 2007, spinning became cycling, and cycling became an obsession. And with the endorphin addiction to this 45-minute full-body workout still flowing through your body during pregnancy, you might be thinking, “Do I really have to stop cold turkey?” According to our new friends over at SoulCycle, the answer is no. So keep on peddling to the sound of their customized playlist.

But before you do, read some more about what they had to say about cycling during pregnancy.

First and foremost, is it safe to cycle during pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to cycle, however we always suggest that you check with your doctor before doing any type of physical activity during pregnancy.

How does the SoulCycle’s philosophy apply to an expecting mother?

SoulCycle isn’t just a workout, but a lifestyle and a community. You’ll find all types of people at SoulCycle – expectant moms, moms and dads alike....all who support each other through life’s journeys.

How can cycling (at Soul Cycle in particular) benefit a pregnant woman?

SoulCycle is a great way to stay fit during pregnancy as it’s a full-body workout, focusing on building both strength and cardiovascular endurance. In addition, cycling is a low-impact sport. SoulCycle is also a sanctuary to release stress, free your mind and find mental strength that goes beyond the 45-minute class.

Besides keeping your body and mind healthy while pregnant, how might your class help prepare women for the birthing process?

SoulCycle builds both strength and endurance to improve movements inside and outside of the four walls of the studio, including labor!

What are some modifications you might give a pregnant woman cycling in a class?

All of the movements at SoulCycle can be modified for pregnant women and various fitness levels. Riders are always encouraged to sit in the saddle when needed or modify the upper body exercises depending on your comfort level.

What are some precautions a pregnant woman should take?

We recommend that pregnant women wear a heart rate monitor during class and always check with your doctor before riding.

How late into a pregnancy have you seen a woman cycle?

We’ve seen pregnant women ride at 9+ months, even up until the day they go into labor!

How soon have you seen women come back to cycling after pregnancy?

Always check with your doctor before returning to any type of workout, however, we’ve seen moms come back as early at 6-8 weeks after giving birth.