Gear, gear, gear. When you’re having a baby, it’s pretty much all you talk about. Which “thing” will make your life easier or baby quieter or mom and dad happier…even if only for a few months, or weeks, or days.

But Gear Patrol founder and new dad Eric Yang gives it to us straight: “It’s easy to just keep buying things to solve problems. That’s not really a good way to go about it — as parents, I think we focus more on quality over quantity now more than ever. There’s so much junk out there and it’s easy to just buy it all on Amazon.'”

While Yang tries to look at the “long-term play” with every purchase, he admits to a little obsession with his Boppy newborn lounger for 3-month-old Hunter, and realizes he’ll probably “throw out all the sensibility when he grows into Legos and Brio train sets.”

But what about Dad? Well, he’s entitled to some indulgent gear sometimes, especially around the holidays. Below, find Eric’s own gear wish list for the holiday season, filled with smart suggestions for the new dad in your life. (Note: this guy gets extra points for his first pick. Seriously, ladies, this is a gift guide you’ll want to pass on.)

1. Massage Certificates. My wife is the house hero — so what little physical relief I can offer is nice to supplement with massage certificates. She doesn’t like to splurge on herself, so a nice stack of these do just nicely.

2.. Cordless Vacuum: Dyson v6 HEPA. I have a weird love for spot cleaning and I hate cords. Being able to just pop this off the wall and go to town makes it that much easier. $299

3. Versatile Shirts: Buck Mason T-Shirts. During the week I stick to a basic “uniform,” which makes getting ready easier on those bleary eyed, 3-hours-of-sleep mornings. Part of that includes plain ol’ Gap t-shirts, which are great, but Buck Masons are worth the upgrade. They’re comfortable enough for nights and weekends but come in a couple of styles that make it easy for everything from nights to weekends and even work. Plus, they’re made in America. $28

4. Portrait Lens: Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2 Lens. To be perfectly fair, the bulk of our baby photos are on our phone because it’s always on us, but seeing a really great photograph of your kid that you took feels especially nice. This lens isn’t the easiest thing to use — it’s a “prime” lens, which means a fixed focal distance, but it knocks frame worthy photos out of the park (it’s similar to what a wedding photographer might use). If you have a DSLR, you can find similar lenses for less. $799

5. Portable Speaker: Bowers & Wilkins T7 Speaker. Hunter has a fair share of music sessions through the day from his bedtime routine to jazz sessions with dad. This speaker gets a lot of use because it’s easy to tote around, the batteries last forever and it just sounds terrific. It isn’t widely known, but a good speaker can play the full range of music at lower volumes so you don’t have to play them loudly to hear everything, which is helpful around the little one. $350.