They put a spell on us indeed! Three young girls from Waco, Texas just served up major Halloween goals . Forget standard witch costumes—these little ladies took it the next level and are now going viral.

The real life sisters dressed up as the iconic Sanderson sisters from one of our favorite Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus . Granted, it's not the first time we've seen a group dress as the movie's witches, but these girls completely nailed it. Their costumes are perfection, and the best part? They're so in character. A photo series of the sisters is making the rounds online and people everywhere are loving how frighteningly spot-on the looks are.

A family of Hocus Pocus fans

Like so many of us, sisters Landri, Alli and Maddi Grabenstein love watching this Halloween movie . " Well October first rolls around every year and they always ask to watch Hocus Pocus ," their mother, Heather Grabenstein tells Motherly . "We watch it SEVERAL times a year. They can literally quote the movie and started acting like the Sanderson sisters so I was just like, 'Yep.. we're dressing up!'"

Their passion for the Halloween classic is obvious—just look at how each girl nails her character's attitude!

The sisters always dress as a trio for Halloween

Going all out for Halloween is nothing new for this family. "[We do it] every year! We always look for things they can do as a trio," the girls' mom says. "We've done Powerpuff Girls, superheroes, thing 1 thing 2 and Cat in the Hat."

In 2018 their mom scheduled a Halloween photo shoot to capture images of them in their costumes. She enlisted photographer Heather Rust to take the images. "They were just too cute and I wanted a professional to capture their sassy personalities!" the mom says.

The mini Sanderson sisters went viral last year (and are doing it again)

While Halloween costumes are a big deal in the Grabenstein household, Heather tells us she was shocked by the reactions to this shoot. "[I was] extremely surprised," Heather says. "We did not expect this AT ALL. I think they went viral because they captured the witches so perfectly! They really got into it."

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