If we left holiday shopping to our kids, well, we might not end up with exactly what we want. (Christmas Hippo, anyone? See what we mean here.). And while we know your partner/mother/bff probably has the best intentions, why don't you ask for what your really want?

Need some inspiration? Here’s 8 of the best gifts for mom (or at least the best our tired mom brains could come up with):

1. Artifact Uprising Layflat AlbumWe’re all about memories over things this year. Ok, or things that have memories in them. Artifact Uprising’s handcrafted Layflat Album is an heirloom in the making with thick pages, panoramic spreads and a beautiful foil-stamped fabric cover. There’s never been a better excuse to get all those baby pics off Instagram! $139, buy here.

2. Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood - and Trusting Yourself and Your BodyThis new pregnancy & parenting book by superstar doula Erica Chidi Cohen is a must-have for your birthing bookshelf. It’s filled with non-judgemental advice, tips and even recipes to take you from conception through postpartum. $10.95, buy here.

3. Mommy Closet Cleanse. Getting dressed for pregnancy sure was fun, but now that you’re on the other side of baby, we bet you could use a closet cleanse. Our house fashion expert Jenny Greenstein of Your Soul Style offers an in-depth Closet Cleanse to help you achieve a postpartum (aka forever) wardrobe you’ll love. Don’t live in the NYC area? She can also go “virtual shopping” with you for $100/hour. $600, book it here.

4. phil&ted’s sport StrollerWhen is baby gear not actually for baby? When it makes mom life easier and better looking. phil&ted’s flagship stroller is perfect for your parenting day. It’s safe, compact and all-terrain, so mama can keep on doing whatever mama wants, even with baby in tow. Plus it turns from a single into a double without increasing it’s footprint, which means it will *hopefully* be the last stroller to ever grace your holiday wishlist. $499, buy here.

5. Clare V Every Mother Counts Jumbo Tote. This gift is for you and another mother. Because every time you purchase this pretty canvas tote, 100% of net proceeds are donated to the charity Every Mother Counts, which helps mothers around the world access essential maternity care. $65, buy here.

6. Annmarie Coconut Body OilWe know you probably shower with your baby in the bathroom or a toddler barging in on the regular, but those two minutes of rubbing on your oil when you get out? They’re just for you, mom. Annmarie’s luxurious oil blend is filled with organically grown and wildcrafted ingredients that soothe you skin...and your mind. $34.95, buy here.

7. EdoughbleBecause those two minutes after your shower were not enough, curl up on the couch post baby bedtime with a tub of cookie dough that’s totally safe to eat. We love the “snack size” containers in this gift box. Lots of yum, not so much guilt. $25/gift box, buy here.

8. Tubby Todd Mama 2018 CalendarThis illustrated inspirational calendar from one of our fave healthy skincare brands is the perfect daily reminder that your love, service, and hard work as a mama doesn't go unnoticed. Talk about feeling good in your skin! $25, buy here.

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