Can we all agree that Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers to indulge in countless heart-shaped chocolate after a 5-course dinner at a fancy restaurant? This very special day is in fact the perfect occasion to share the love with EVERYONE you care about -- all the boos and the babes and the mamas-to-be in your life. Since Cupid is getting ready to hit us all with his arrow, we thought we'd give you a little roundup of all the super cute stuff you can get to the people around you. From "XOXO" moccasins to sexy lingerie, here are 8 Valentine's Day gift ideas that will steal your loved ones' hearts. BABY

1. Wash With Water Ultimate Mama and Baby Gift Set. This set comes with bath-time goodies, diapers and wipes; and it's sure to keep your baby's skin as soft as can be -- perfect for all the smooches coming his way. $70, buy here. 2. Freshly Picked Valentine's Day Moccasins. Keep your little one's feet toasty with these adorable moccasins featuring hugs & kisses, candy hearts, and lollipop hearts. Plus, for every $60 spent, you get a free bow! $60 buy here. 3. Oeuf bunny Sweater. What says “love" like your littlest bunny Valentine dressed up like a true Parisian? Oeuf has a whole collection of love-infused clothes for our babes, including this oh so sweet bunny hooded sweater. Amour at first sight. $146, buy here. 4. Chewbeads Baby Brooklyn Teether. Baby will love on this teether with a little heart. Made of silicone, this chew ring is sure to keep baby happy all v-day long. $14.50, buy here. 5. Rose & Rex Penelope Rabbit. Promote your little ones literacy and give back! With each purchase of a Penelope Rabbit, you give 5 toys to children in need and encourage your own children to tell stories and communicate with Penelope. $50, buy here. TODDLER

6. 7AM Enfant. Instead of wearing his heart on his sleeve, your little tot can wear it on his back! This adorable backpack from 7AM is not only cute, but functional! $46, buy here. 7. Love and Sage Lip Balm. Cute as a button and filled with nourishing organic oils and healing amino acids, this lip balm is gentle enough for your littlest loves, and your tots will love keeping it handy wherever they go. $12, buy here. 8. Kids Shoes Half Hearted Sneakers. Your little heartbreaker in the making is sure to, well... break hearts with these slip-on sneakers. And with the edgy look, there's no doubt that she or he will make a fashion statement. $54.90, buy here. 9. Tattly Sweetheart tattoo set. We know we said your tot could wear his heart on his back, but come to think of it, he can wear it on his sleeve too. This sweetheart tattoo set is so so cute, and it's made with non-toxic ingredients -- perfect for little ones. $15, buy here. PREGNANT MAMA

10. Belabumbum robe. This robe from Belabumbum is the perfect gift to any woman who's expecting or nursing! With peacock lace sleeves and a dark, sexy red color... this robe will make any woman feel luxurious! $70, buy here. 11. Hatch MAMA Down, Girl leg + foot relief cream. Bring down all that swelling with this cooling, anti-inflammatory gel-based cream and a foot massage, of course. You'll see, your baby mommy will love you for it. $42, buy here. 12. My Baby's Heartbeat Bear. A recordable pregnancy keepsake, this teddy bear keeps the sound of your baby's ultrasound heartbeat safe and sound. This pregnancy keepsake may well be the ultimate Valentine's Day for the mama-to-be in your life. $39.99, buy here. 13. The Big Fat activity Book for Pregnant People. Why not give the pregnant women in your life a good laugh? This book is filled with quizzes, mazes, fill-in-the-blanks, journaling pages, and hysterical musings on what pregnancy is really like. $10.87, buy here. NEW MAMA

14. Solly Baby x Rylee & Cru Wrap. Give the new mom in your life the gift of keeping her little one close to her heart. With the Solly Baby wrap, she'll get to wear baby and do everything that she needs to accomplish, while staying stylish, with the super romantic print done in collaboration with Rylee & Cru. $80, buy here. 15. Ember mug. With this temperature-regulating mug, mom will never let her coffee get cold ever again -- even after all the loads of laundry, diaper changes and feeding sessions. $79.95, buy here. 16. Kinn Studio necklace. Celebrate her transition into motherhood with a little bling. But not just any bling. This necklace is perfect for mom to wear her new title proudly. $360, buy here. 17. Teat & Cosset sweatshirt. If mama is nursing, help her out with a super cute, super comfy nursing sweatshirt. You'll make her outings and on-the-go nursing sessions with baby so much easier. $98, buy here. 18. New Mom Wine Labels. We keep talking about baby's milestones, but what about mommy's. These wine bottle labels celebrate mom's everyday life, and what better way to share love than by cheering her (and the meltdown she handled like the badass she is) on? Buy here. DAD

19. Rags to Raches matching father-child outfits. Baby and daddy will look heartbreakingly cute in these matching outfits from Rags to Raches. From $29.50, buy here. 20. Society Socks subscription. The gift that keeps on giving -- your husband will never have to go shop for socks again. Every month, he will receive two pairs of socks, and each time, two pairs of socks will also be donated to those in need. Join now, starting at $50. 21. A personalized book. Put baby and dad in the stories you read at bedtime by personalizing your all-time favorite children's books. A treat for daddy, and a thrill for the little ones, who will be so excited to see themselves alongside their favorite characters. $34.99, buy here. 22. Belly Buds from Wavhello. Daddy-to-be will be able to bond with baby before birth! With the belly buds and the accompanying app, he can record messages, lullabies and stories to then play directly to the womb. How amazing is that? $39.99, buy here. GRANDPARENTS

23. Artifact Uprising photo album. Help your little one's grandparents travel through all the memories with a customizable Artifact Uprising photo book. Just choose your book size, pictures and done! $15, buy here. 24. I Love You, Grandma/Grandpa Book. Grandma and grandpa will love to read about all the adventures they can go on with their favorite little one. This book could also be a super cute way to announce your pregnancy. $4.99, buy here. 25. Gallery Monogram Puzzle from Shutterfly. Are baby's grandparents puzzle enthusiasts? Spice their collection up with a puzzle that you personalize with a bunch of family and kids photos. They'll rush to finish it. $29.99, buy here. 26. 4moms Breeze Plus travel crib. Let them know that you're planning a trip at their place soon with an easy-to-use travel crib. the new 4moms Breeze Plus also has a bassinet and changing station included! $299, buy here.