Between the shower, toilet, and toothpaste stained sink, bathrooms can be a big pain to tidy up. But when they're restored to their pristine condition, it's a little slice of bubble bath heaven. If you've ever deep cleaned and rearranged your bathroom, you know bathroom organizers make all the difference—especially in tighter spaces that don't offer tons of room for storage.

No one likes a cluttered bathroom counter engulfed in lipstick, hair tools, bath toys and bottles of lotion. Thank the lucky stars, all of this can be easily put away and in a fashionable manner with the right bathroom organizer.

Depending on how many people share a bathroom , you may need a larger standalone bathroom organizer like a rollaway cart. This way, each person can have a designated space for their personals. Or if you don't share a vanity, you may have the extra room allowing for a single level tray or open utility basket. When it comes to bathroom organizers, functionality is key.

Shop our top bathroom organizers below!

basstop storage cart
Basstop $34.99

4-Tier Bathroom Cart

Storage carts are an easy way to organize a bathroom, where space is usually a little more limited. Each level can be designated to a certain family member or bathroom item like linens or paper products.

Kincmax Shower Caddy
Kincmax $24.99

Shower Caddy

Store shampoo, conditioner, body wash and anything else that takes up space in your shower with this handy dandy shelf. No drilling is necessary; simply stick the adhesive side to the shower wall, at the level you desire.

Umbra Bask Shower caddy
Umbra $20

Bask Shower Caddy

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more stylish, this design from Umbra is 😍. Available in black, white and grey, it features three polypropylene baskets, suspended with a sleek stainless-steel ball chain and two hooks that can be hung from either the shower head or curtain rod.

brightroom bathroom organizer bin
Brightroom $9

Bathroom Organizer Bin with Handles

If the ladies from the Home Edit have taught us anything, it’s that everything can be organized if you put it in a clear bin. These generously sized acrylic containers are perfect for everything from hand towels to shampoos and soaps and stack for a custom fit up. The handles are a nice bonus for transport!

yamazaki rin toilet paper organizer
Yamazaki $65

Steel + Wood Toilet Paper Stocker

Leave it to Yamazaki to make even toilet paper storage look chic. Stash your stash on the cleverly hidden shelves and finally get that toilet bowl cleaner a place to call home as well.

Caxxa acrylic makeup brush holder
Caxxa $10.29

Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder

With three separate holders, you can store brushes, nail files, makeup tools or other everyday items. The organizer’s acrylic design is a sleek way of keeping your bathroom counter clutter free.

mdesign Over Cabinet Door Hair Care & Styling Tool Storage Basket
mDesign $19.99

Over Cabinet Door Hair Care & Styling Tool Storage Basket

How many times have you gone fishing in your drawers for your blow dryer or curling iron? Now you can quickly find whichever hair styling tool you need with this organizer, which hangs on the cabinet door and can hold up to four hot tools or brushes.

stori clear plastic vanity organizers
Stori $14.99

Clear Vanity Organizers

Keep your bathroom products neatly organized and visible. The six-piece set includes a variety of sized trays for storing bigger items like toothpaste and smaller items like hair ties or chapstick. Additionally, they’re made to stack which helps keep everything contained.

SheeChung qtip dispenser jars
SheeChung $7.99

Clear Apothecary Jars

Designed to hold cotton swabs and cotton balls, these vanity organizers can also hold bath salts and makeup sponges. See how soon you’ll need to restock your items with its clear acrylic design.

eslite toothbrush stand
Eslite $20.99

Toothbrush and Toothpaste Organizer

Perfect for life with kiddos, this 2-in-1 stand can hold up to five toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, and includes cups for rinsing. (There will 100% be fights about someone taking someone else’s cup, but at least they’re color coded!) And the whole organizer can dissemble for easy cleaning.

KidCo bath toy organizer
KidCo $13.99

Bath Toy Organizer

Bathtime just got a lot more organized! Encourage your little one to clean up after their bubble bath by putting their bath toys away in this highly-rated three section organizer.

munchkin hangingbath toy organizer
Munchkin $12.75

Hanging Bath Toy Organizer

Oh, who are we kidding? Chances are, you’re going to the be the one straining three dozen toys out of the tub. This clever design from Munchkin makes it almost fun with its detachable mesh scoop that sifts them out and hangs to dry in one fell swoop.

asybox acrylic shelf dividers
Tasybox $19.99

Acrylic Shelf Dividers

Categorize your bathroom linens like bath and hand towels by size, set, person, or color. Each pack comes with four anti-slip acrylic dividers that can be mounted to the shelf or wall.