As a mama, there are many things we say "no" to on a fairly regular basis: "No, you can't have any more snacks," or, "No, that's enough screen time" seem to be our go-to phrases these days. But we can't say "no" to verdant greenery throughout our home. Plants have a way of making us feel good and we love having them around, especially in a nursery where it's essential to promote good vibes and tranquility. We also love them as teaching tools when trying to enlighten little ones about responsibility.

And if you're in need of kid-friendly plant options, we have you covered too. "Kid-friendly plants to consider include African violets (the blooms are edible!) spider plants, haworthia, burro's tail or echeveria, which can tolerate a missed watering or two if you're super busy," says Amy Enfield, Ph.D., a horticulturist for ScottsMiracle-Grow.

We scoured the internet and found indoor plant decor is anything but basic. Some tiny plants can fit in your palm, others are close to 3-feet tall, but all of them comprise some of the best greenery we've seen and we're dying to share them with you.

Take a look at these stunning indoor plants (and decor ideas) from our favorite influencers:

1. Natural growth

Image: @melissamlo

2. A green fireplace

Image: @plantingplants

3. Lush greenery + vines on the ceiling

Image: @zebodeko

4. Serenity

Image: @the_wooden_hill

5. Plant kisses

Image: @plantmeplants

6. A family portrait

Image: @forestinapartment54

7. Cutie baby + plants

Image: @herplantbabes

8. Solitude

Image: @ourhomeatnumber_30

9. Bungalow beauties

Image: @_xoamira

10. Jungle fun

Image: @lepetitjungle

11. Living green

Image: @my_green_home_and_me

12. Planted stairs

Image: @heyhorti

13. Lovely lady

Image: @Apron.Saint

14. House of plants

Image: @hofmann.journal

15. A plant pool party

Image: @skyaprille

16. Digital life

Image: @houseplantjournal

17. An anthurium + a min

Image: @alltheplantbabies

18. A mama to 36 babies

Image: @plantmomb

19. Air plants

Image: @agnieszka.cygan

20. Plant care

Image: @athinalempidaki

21. A calathea medallion

Image: @kate_fs

22. Tiny rainbow

Image: @cleverbloom

23. Peaceful pots from VietNam

Image: @plantgirls

24. Healing horticulture

Image: @planted.muse