When I decided to re-do my son's nursery to celebrate his graduation to a toddler bed, my crafty sister wanted to help and Pinterest quickly became our preferred form of decor-related communication. It was incredibly convenient to swap pics of things we thought would work well with our theme, but tracking down the objects that inspired us was a lot harder.

Luckily, Target and Pinterest have teamed up to make it a lot easier to find and buy products based on your inspiration.

Pinterest Lens is a visual technology that allows you to take a picture of something (think a cool throw pillow at Target) and be served up results of similar products. That means there's no more scrolling through endless search results because you couldn't figure out how to describe the product.

Although Pinterest Lens isn't totally new, the visual search engine's integration directly into the Target app is: “We'll be the first—and exclusive—U.S. retailer to bring Pinterest Lens directly into our apps and experiences, creating an incredibly rich and much easier way for our guests to explore, discover and buy millions of products at Target," says Kristi Argyilan, Target's senior vice president of media and guest engagement, in a press release.

To start, Target is integrating Pinterest Lens in its registry and app. Rick Gomez, Target's chief marketing officer, says this should help customers track down the items they had in mind much sooner. It will also help users discover complementary products to complete the look they're going for.

“It's another way we're making it easy and fun for our guests to explore and find new products," Gomez said. “Plus, as we start to understand what shoppers are really looking for, it'll help us better anticipate—and plan for—the latest styles and trends. We look forward to unlocking new potential, together."

Honestly my decorating experience would have been much more enjoyable if I could have just snapped and clicked my way to curated bedroom for my little guy, so I'm down with Target's new tech and so are a lot of other people. In fact, tech experts predict voice- and image-based searches are going to make up at least 50% of all searches by 2020.

As usual, Target and Pinterest are ahead of the curve when it comes to making life easier.