We all have our obsessions during pregnancy. For some, it’s finding the purest stretch mark preventative on the market, and for others, searching the city for the perfect dill pickle is a necessity. For Esther Garfield, the founder of BuyModernBaby, nursery furniture was her fix. She has since turned into one of the best nursery resources on the web. With two boys of her own, Garfield says she imagines having an infinite number of nurseries to fill and then then chooses the pieces to fill them. But that doesn’t mean every new crib on the market is going to make the cut. “If I don't like it, it's not on BuyModernBaby, and you'll just have to find it on someone else's blog. It's not about price or exclusivity, it's about style. Nothing makes me happier than finding affordable pieces that fit my aesthetic,” says Garfield.

But not everyone’s aesthetic is the same and buying nursery furniture can leave people feeling hopeless in a sea of pastels. Garfield believes your nursery can be just as stylish as the rest of your home. “Get what really fits your style. Don't limit your choices to just the pieces you can find in your local baby shop. There's a world of wonderful products out there, and I've made it my mission to make sure you can find them,” she says, which is why so many continue returning to her blog. But she also suggests thinking outside of the nursery. “Other than the crib, the furniture you pick doesn't even have to be ‘nursery furniture.’ You might find baby's dresser at your local thrift shop or the furniture shop where you found your favorite sofa,” she says.

If space is a challenge (don’t us New Yorkers love a challenge?), Garfield suggests foregoing a piece of nursery furniture all together. “Do you need a dresser in that space, or can you store clothes in the closet? Instead of a changing table, how about a changing platform that goes over the crib or even just a mat on the floor? Maybe it makes more sense for you to rock baby in the living room instead of in the nursery. Leaving just one piece out can make a lot more room for the rest,” she says. And finally, companies are listening to us urban-dwellers. “There are lots of products designed now for small nurseries or shared spaces that ensure the furniture footprint is small,” says Garfield. Go small or go home.

Garfield gives us her top picks for small space nursery furniture essentials.