It’s no secret that expecting mamas need to stay hydrated, but all too often we forget how important it is during the cold, winter months. In the summer, Mother Nature reminds us to drink up by lifting the temperatures, causing us to sweat and feel thirsty. In the winter, we are bundled up and tend to forget about drinking water throughout the day.

Women actually require the same amount of water year-round and arguably even more so in the winter. We lose just as much water from day-to-day activities, plus our bodies are working extra hard to stay warm, tapping into our water supply. Dry weather also sucks up extra moisture, which is why your lips, tongue, nose and throat can feel dry and scratchy. Our bodies also need adequate water when fighting illnesses. The mucous our bodies use to boost our immune system and battle colds also requires significant water.

Staying hydrated is challenging enough for one adult, never mind with an extra bundle growing inside. With your belly slowly stretching out every day, you want to be sure your skin is properly hydrated (no scary stretch marks!). Besides no one likes dry, itchy skin. Lotion can offer a temporary solution, but it is better to hydrate from the inside out – water promotes skin circulation, causing it to plump out and feel comfortable.

So, what are the top four tips for staying hydrated this winter?

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