When it comes to diaper bags, Ali Hynek is the inadvertent queen. Sure, her handprinted textile company, Nena & Co. doesn't actually make a diaper bag. But pretty much every chic mama we know uses one of Nena & Co.'s gorgeous Guatemalan bags to carry around her baby's things, so that pretty much qualifies her as an expert. And now that she's got three newborn triplets, Penelope, Alejandra and Ethan, she's one of them.

News of the babies came as Ali was growing her first “baby," Nena & Co., founded in part to help her reconnect with her family's Guatemalan heritage during her infertility struggles. “We were really just crossing our fingers that it would work," she says of the third IVF round. “The nurse doing the ultrasound told me we were having twin, and I asked her what that 'other stuff' was in there. Well, that was another baby! I was shocked...and I mean, like, total shock. After it sunk in, they were all I could think about. And now they're my whole world and we couldn't be happier!"

Take a look inside Ali's triplet diaper bag (aka the Convertible Day Bag), then check out those adorable triplets and her handsome hubby Jeremy on over to our Instagram feed, where Ali's taking over for the day!

What's the most important rule for packing a diaper bag for triplets is?

You'd think with triplets I would need a gigantic diaper bag. But the truth is, when you have so many babies, you learn to be efficient with everything, and that includes packing for babies. I love fashion and function, which is why I've been so pleased with the Convertible Day Bag I designed. I love the side pockets and the front and back pockets for easy access. The detachable backpack straps free up my arms so that I can carry one or two babies! I'm obsessed with patterns and patterns on patterns, so the it really goes with anything I'm wearing. And if I want to use it just to run an errand or on a date with Jeremy, I can just use the crossbody strap instead of the backpack.

What are your must-haves for a triplet diaper bag?

1) The Nena & Co. Convertible Day Bag. When I found out I was pregnant, I refocused on our alternative diaper bags and decided that the Day Bag needed detachable backpack straps ASAP. When it hit the market a couple months ago, it did extremely well. We haven't been able to keep them in stock! But luckily I got to pick my favorite and have one that I use daily since its cute enough to use as an everyday purse!

2) Solly Baby Wrap. I always carry a solly baby wrap in my bag cause it seems to be the best way to sooth a tired baby that won't go to sleep.

3) Kickee Pants PJ's. We live in them and can't get enough.

4) The Ergobaby carrier. For outings (my husband LOVES this one so much).

5) iPhone to snap pics round the clock.

6) Baby Wipes. For all sorts of situations

7) Soothie Pacifiers.

8) 6 Dr. Brown's Bottles.

Photography of Ali Hynek by Rachel Thurston.