I am a wedding/portrait/lifestyle photographer and love my job! I adore taking photos and consider it a total privilege to document someone's special wedding day or newborn baby. With that being said, I rarely ever take “professional" pics of my own kids; they are typically all taken with my iPhone.

I truly believe everyone can take good iPhone photos that are “insta-worthy."

Here are a few basic steps I follow every time I post an image that always help me get the results I want, for maximum <3 in Instagram.

1. Use your iPhone camera instead of the Instagram app.

Why? Because you're trying to get a photo of kids and they are typically moving way too fast. I would rather take 30 photos with the camera, than try to bank on trying to get one amazing image in Instagram's app. Thirty images is an exaggeration (okay, it's our little secret), but you get the idea. I like to have options.

2. Always take iPhone photos in “square mode."

This is probably the best kept secret (it's actually not a secret at all, I just like to build it up) Surprise! I think photo mode can sometimes distort images and make it look weird, especially when you have to crop it to square… which brings me to my next point…

3. Get down to the subject's level.

Simple and easy! (Especially if it's of kids!)

4. Try and get the subject in decent light.

Lighting is always an issue, sometimes the image can be too dark, too light, etc… So when I am taking the image, I click the screen on the darkest (or lightest) area of the image and a little yellow square box will pop up, that means that your camera will expose the image for that dark area and overall your image should appear lighter… TaDa!!! ?

5. Now select your insta-worthy image in Instagram.

This step is the easy one.

6. Use a consistent filter.

I have my go-to filters that I always like to use because I like my Insta-Feed to have the same general vibe… Crazy, I know… but I like it to keep in consistent.

You can also select the intensity of the filter by clicking on that pretty little sun in the middle of the tools… use this! I think it's great to add a bit more contrast to make an image pop.

7. Click on the tool icon and sharpen the image.

(It's the very last option and has the triangle for the icon.) I think images look so much better when they are a bit sharper…

8. Post away!

By now you have probably spent close to 20/30 minutes on this image so it deserves to be posted ;) I promise it gets faster…

Bonus tip:

Below are some of my favorite go-to apps that always make my images looks amazing and fun.


Pic.Tap.Go: My absolute favorite! I love that I use can use a variety of filters and create different recipes.


AfterLight: Another great app with fun filters and goodness.

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess: So fun for text overlays and fun doodles.

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising (the app): I use this ALL.THE. TIME. You can download their mobile app and actually make albums on your phone with your photo gallery. It's so easy and so great to get the photos off your phone and into your hand. It's perfect for the vacation album!

See you on Instagram!