Everyone has a story. All couples have that moment when they just knew they were falling in love. It's magical and memorable, and such a fun story to tell. The Way We Met is a curated collection of images doing just that—sharing love stories from all over the world; each story unique and beautiful in it's own way.

Thank you, Brooklyn, for creating such a positive space . We LOVE keeping up with you on Instagram to get our daily dose of heart-eyes-emoji #inspiration.

1. Surfer love 🏄

2. It’s in the air ✈️

3. Love at first sight 😍

4. Love across the pond 🇬🇧

5. A modern love 💌

6. Love on the water ⛵

7. A homerun love ⚾

8. A brave love 💓

9. A hot love 🔥

10. Love + basketball 🏀