For as long as you can probably remember, Labor Day has signified one last party, one last chance to celebrate the summer you're never quite ready to say goodbye to. But the moment you get pregnant, the words “labor day” have you visualizing anything but sandy beaches and beer. Still, there’s more similarities than you might think: one Labor Day has you kissing summer goodbye, and the other has you saying farewell to your pre-pregger life and celebrating this very awesome journey that is ahead of you.

Labor Day (the conventional kind) -- while an excuse to take a load off and soak in the little things, like sitting outside for some al fresco dining -- is also a celebration of change (not to be mistaken with makeover). You’re still you. Which we know is easy to forget when you catch your belly reflection walking down the street. But embrace it, and revel in every moment. Because while it may be hard to believe now, after almost 10 months, you might actually miss that belly.

Take this pre-baby moment to indulge in some beautiful quiet time, both alone and with your loved one. And just like pre-pregger days, take a few extra days off and go somewhere special -- because pregnant or not, you deserve to have fun.