It's Christmas this week, people! You finished your holiday shopping, right? What? You didn't? But last minute shoppers, don't fret, you don't have to hit that holiday dinner empty handed. Actually, you CAN hit that holiday dinner empty handed because your gift “is in the mail"! Literally.

Here's 5 monthly subscription services that will help you check off the last stragglers on your gift list.

Pregnant Gal: Bump Boxes

If you've got a pregnant woman in your life (or if you're currently pregnant, forward this on!), then get her a subscription to Bump Boxes. They're filled with pregnancy and baby essentials--think skincare, snacks, water bottles and even toys -- targeted at whatever stage of pregnancy or postpartum you're in. And since they're a trusted partner of Healthy Child Healthy World, you know everything inside is safe and healthy. Buy it here.

Mom: Dear Kate Undies of the Month Club

One of the more unpleasant side effects of motherhood is that your lady parts may never quite be the same. Show your dear new-mom friend that “mom underwear" (wicking, stain releasing, and leak-resistant, oh my!) can look hot with a monthly underwear subscription to Dear Kate. Buy it here.

Baby: A Little Bundle

There's nothing like giving a beautiful, personal and creative gift without having to do any heavy lifting. That's what A Little Bundle is for. These geniusly curated monthly bundles are filled with small-batch baby and mama products (like Hazel Village, Wee Gallery and Wovenplay) that are luxurious, unique and created specifically for your recipient baby's stage, gender, size and more. Buy it here.

Dad: Hatchery

We know Dad's got his hands full, but too full to cook for you? We think not. Give him the nudge he needs with a monthly subscription to Hatchery filled with yummy small-batch ingredients and condiments, sourced from independent makers across the country. Buy it here.

Toddler: Koala Crate by Kiwi Crate

In a world filled with screens, lights, bells and whistles, there's nothing more important than getting a kiddo to use her imagination. Kiwi Crate's preschool version, called Koala Crate, arrives each month filled with cool, creative materials that will get that toddler learning while she's playing...without even realizing it. Buy it here.

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